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Our Dank of the Day is from Paradiso and Koreatown Collective and this is MARIJUANA MONEY WEEK! Today we’re sitting down with Cannabis Entrepreneur and activist James Slatic!

James Slatic is someone who knows a lot about business and even more about the fight too keep a good business going. Since dropping out of college in 1984 with the release of the first IBM PC’s, he has been a “serial entrepreneur”, starting 13 companies in all, including multimillion dollar California cannabis company Med-West. That name might sound familiar to you if you’ve been keeping up with Pot Topics. In 2016, this LEGAL cannabis company, Med-West was raided by San Diego cops, losing upwards of 40,000 cannabis products and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The weird part was, not a single charge was filed at the time or for the following 16 months. What happened next turned in to a huge seemingly never ending legal battle. Watch today’s show to hear the first hand account of everything that went down!

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