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What’s In Your Weed? LAB RESULTS: Edibles & Drinks | The Weed Show

What’s In Your Weed? LAB RESULTS: Edibles & Drinks | The Weed Show

What is in your weed? It’s a question that’s been plaguing the cannabis community since the popularity of pot shops is growing. Currently, only Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington state mandate state-wide testing regulations of marijuana products for both medical and recreational use. And the issue of dirty weed and bad buds has come up in popular markets like California, where UC Davis researchers found mold on 20 different samples of weed from dispensaries.

So this week, The Weed Show has set out to answer the question, “what’s in your weed?” On today’s episode, we reveal the results of the lab tests of our weed-infused edibles and drinks. Korova, Bhang Chocolate, Sexy Eds, Cheeba Chews, Sprig soda and Mary Jane’s Juice were all up for evaluation. Charlo and producer Tori share the results from SD PharmLabs, which came back mixed. Some edibles tested above their advertised THC potency, while some were less. And still, a few pesticides and residuals were found in a few of our tests.

The era of legalization and regulation is upon California and many other states. The discussion around product testing and lab standards is an important one that The Weed Show is happy to share along with the day’s current cannabis events, aka Pot Topics. Be sure to subscribe to The Weed Show to catch the rest of week on weed science.

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