Would you be willing to pay top-dollar for a strain of weed or a gram of distillate that says it’s the most potent on the market? Many patients do, but they’re often lied to, or they end up getting more in their meds than they bargained for (like pesticides and residuals).

The Weed Show team has gathered up some of the Cannabis Cups most esteemed weed winners and concentrate makers to find out exactly “What’s In Your Weed?!” On the flower end, we’re testing High Times Cannabis Cup winners Mega Wellness by Nameless Genetics, KushCO OG by KushCO, and Skywalker OG by Urbols; we’re looking to see just how much THC is in these buds and if there are any unwanted pesticides.

Plus, we’re taking some of the most expensive concentrates and putting them to the potency and residual test — XJ-13 by TheClear and CBD crystalline by Obsession Labs are both in the mix with today’s results. Check it out to see who has the cleanest, most potent meds! And subscribe to The Weed Show to watch all the results from “What’s In Your Weed?!”