Strainprint™ Technologies launches revolutionary new mobile cannabis APP

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StrainprintTM Technologies Ltd. (“StrainprintTM”) — a leader in cannabis patient data collection — is proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary Cannabis Tracking APP & platform. The mobile APP has been created by patients for patients and is now available for both Apple iOS & Android.

StrainprintTM enables cannabis patients to track and understand the efficacy of their cannabis use by strain, quantity, method of ingestion and dose. Using standardized pain scales, this much-needed data will help patients use cannabis more effectively and help clinicians to better tailor therapeutic regimens. Strainprint’s database contains all strains and products available under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations program (ACMPR). Patients can also add their own unique/personal strains.

The HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant solution is identifying valuable and fascinating efficacy trends across a variety of medical conditions. This information will enable patients, producers, clinicians and other supply chain partners to better understand the needs of patients and how specific cannabinoids affect a multitude of conditions.

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