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Pro-marijuana billboard becoming a selfie hotspot for the NORML crowd

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FORT WORTH – A new selfie spot went up this week, for people of a certain mindset. It’s real high up there, just off I-35 between Lancaster Ave. and West Rosedale St.

It isn’t the most scenic view in town, to be sure. The background may feature grayish-brown buildings and sidewalks with grass growing in the cracks, but while beauty isn’t necessarily the point for these selfie-takers, framing and scenery certainly still are.

That’s because they’re coming to snap a photo with a billboard that went up in the area Monday, promoting this year’s Marijuana March of North Texas. The event is Fort Worth’s iteration of the Global Marijuana March, which has taken place annually since 1999 and has spread to more than 300 cities worldwide.

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