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Montana’s Medical Marijuana Program Is Rebounding

Montana - welcomes visitors. Vandals with rifles couldn't resist some target practice.
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Although medical marijuana was on the verge of being rendered obsolete in the state of Montana, a new report shows that thousands of patients have been returning to dispensaries ever since voters approved a measure last November to resurrect the dying program.

There was speculation earlier last year that Montana could become the first state in the nation to have legalized medical marijuana and then lose it, all because of the state’s legislative and judicial brass. In 2011, the Montana Supreme Court handed down a verdict that stood to cripple the medical marijuana industry by restricting dispensaries to service only three patients – a move that forced a significant number of dispensaries to close their doors.

However, the voters stepped up in last year’s election to pass a measure aimed at eliminating the three patient rule and put the state’s medical marijuana program back to its original form. Form there, a judge decided that those dispensaries put out by the government’s anti-pot shenanigans should be allowed to reopen without delay.

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