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Marine Corps Veterans Facing Life in Prison for Pot | The Weed Show

The Law vs. Our Veterans w/ Kristoffer Lewandowski | The Weed Show

This week on The Weed Show, the focus is all about cannabis and veterans. It’s estimated that 22 veterans take their life each day due to PTSD. And we’re opening up the conversation about why it’s crucial for veterans to have access to clean cannabis.

Today Charlo is joined by Marine Corps Veteran Kristoffer Lewandowski. After three deployments and a prescription salad that left him feeling more lifeless than ever, Kristoffer decided there was a better option for him; that option was cannabis. But Kristoffer made headlines in Oklahoma when his wife called police for assistance with Kris one day, and they reportedly took 9 of his cannabis plants from his home and arrested him. Since then, Kris has been engaged in a legal battle with the state of Oklahoma — a battle to grow his own natural, holistic medicine.

A war hero who staked his life for our own freedom to grow and enjoy cannabis is now facing serious jail time for his decision to step way from opioids and toward a more healthy lifestyle. We wish Kristoffer the best of luck as he attends trial later this week in Oklahoma. Subscribe to The Weed Show to hear the rest of our incredible veteran stories and to hear updates from Kristoffer’s case.

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