Imagine that your friends and family are dying around you because of an incurable illness. What would you do? For some of today’s guests, the answer was simple: fight for medicine. That’s exactly what the LGBT community did in the mid-90s after the AIDS epidemic took its course on too many young people.

Scott Imler is one of the esteemed authors that penned California’s Proposition 215, allowing access to medical marijuana, especially for those dying of AIDS. Leon Mostovoy, co-owner of Pride Cannabis, is a transgender man that remembers the time before Prop 215, and how the change in the cannabis world helped his own transition. Felicia Carbajal of California Cannabis Advocates was also there in the 90s, helping her friends campaign through telephones and on the street to support Prop 215. And Brett Hartmann, also known as My Cannabis Trainer, knows firsthand how difficult it is to come out as queer and as a cannabis user.

Each of these incredible guests joins us today to honor the history of the LGBT community and how they’ve contributed to the future of weed. Subscribe to The Weed Show to celebrate the rest of Pride Week with us!