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Cannabis for Veterans: PTSD & Combat Injuries | The Weed Show

Cannabis for Veterans: PTSD & Combat Injuries | The Weed Show
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U.S. Veterans. They’re the heroes that are glorified during the time of duty, but seemingly forgotten when they retire their uniform. And until recently, the conversation regarding cannabis and its powers to help heal have been swept under the rug.

But this week on The Weed Show, we’re taking time to honor our veterans and hear their own first-hand experiences with service, the return home, and all the life-changing conditions that come with it. It’s estimated that 22 veterans commit suicide each day, but our guests this week claim that number is inaccurate. In fact, they say its likely much higher. This is due to the complete lack of understanding and support given to our veterans when they’re done serving.

Today, the conversation on cannabis and veterans continues as we’re joined by Robert Ungaro of Weed for Warriors Orange County and Jayden Bedard of Weed for Warriors Los Angeles. These incredible veterans share their stories of service, medical battles and even navigating the waters of the genderqueer world, as a veteran. Subscribe to The Weed Show to watch the rest of this week featuring our amazing veterans and learn how you can help contribute to the Weed for Warriors Project.

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