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Canadian Stakeholders Take Cannabis Fight Into a New Phase

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Shortly after the news media heard the outlines of Canada’s proposed marijuana legalization law yesterday, a number of ministry officials met with a group of stakeholders in Ottawa to hear their concerns. Judging by their feedback, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (above) has taken a remarkable first step–but his government still has work to do.

As a longtime advocate for the legalization of cannabis in Canada I was invited to participate by conference call in the stakeholders Q&A. I entered the session with trepidation but came away, surprisingly, feeling confident and reassured.

Bill C-45, as the legalization measure is known in the House of Commons, is expected to be approved and take effect on or before July 1, 2018. It presents Canada and the rest of the world with a roadmap for ending cannabis prohibition once and for all. The government’s mandate has always been to restrict access for youth and to de-fund organized crime. This proposal does that.

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