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The Incredible Thing I Discovered When I Started Smoking Weed Before Sex


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I self-identify as a pothead. It’s not just that I love being high, I also love what it does to my mind and body. Instead of becoming sluggish and distant, as many stereotypical portrayals of stoners go, my awareness is magnified and my mood is uplifted, allowing me to forget my worries and focus on being productive. But most importantly, it makes me horny as fuck.

The first time I got high, I was 19 and with my then-boyfriend. I ate an entire frozen pizza myself, put the empty box on my head, and laughed at every single thing that happened. I was already taking prescription medication for my anxiety, but I loved how being stoned made the final remnants of my worries dissipate. My body was able to relax in a way I had never experienced before.

Weed quickly became my drug of choice in the months following my initial experience. It wasn’t until I had been smoking for half a year that I realized weed was also responsible for helping me become regularly orgasmic for the first time in my life. Since my anti-anxiety medication had a dampening effect on my sex drive, I had spent the last year searching for herbal and holistic libido enhancers. I’d tried a female libido supplement from the health food store and taken an omega fish oil supplement to combat my issue with vaginal dryness, but weed fertilized my sex drive and helped me get wet in a way that was so immediate that I ditched my herbal remedies. There was simply no other sensation quite like sex while I was stoned.

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