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Make Cannabis-Infused Rum In 5 Simple Steps

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With so many ways to make edibles and drinkables, there is no need to let your cannabis consumption fall into a rut. Making cannabis-infused rum is a surefire way to mix things up and keep things interesting. Once you have a batch, you can drink it as-is, or use it to create incredible cannabis-infused cocktails. Here are two methods for making cannabis-infused rum.

Method One: High Tech

This recipe is full of gadgets and gizmos and is sure to please all hands-on creators and culinary artists. Not to mention you’ll impress all your friends at the dinner party when you whip out some of this fancy kitchen gear. As long as you have the necessary equipment, the method is simple.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • A one-liter heat-tolerant whipped-cream whipper (these run roughly $90-100)
  • Two nitrous oxide chargers (N2O)
  • A double boiler large enough to fit the whipper in
  • Rum with a high alcohol content
  • An eighth of your favorite cannabis strain

Note: You can alter the potency of the final product by going with higher proof rum or strains with different levels of THC.

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