Best Ways to Get Rid of Weed Smell

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Weed, pot, marijuana; whatever you call it, is now legal for medical use or recreation in many areas. It has many fantastic medical applications and for many is a safer alternative to alcohol. Despite it’s growing acceptance there are many that still hold negative views on it and those who use it.

You might only use it in the privacy of your own home but the smell can follow you around. Marijuana has a potent and unpleasant smell that can be a bit much even for those who use it. How do you get rid of weed smell? There are a few things you’ll have to do since marijuana smell gets into your hair, clothes, carpet and any other soft surface.

Weed Smell & Hygiene

Weed smell lingers in your hair and on your skin after handling and smoking. It’s ‘skunky’ smell can be easily detected by those around you so you’ll want to practice good hygiene.

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