14 Jun

“What’s In Your Weed?” Lab Results: Award-Winning Weed & Concentrate | The Weed Show

Would you be willing to pay top-dollar for a strain of weed or a gram of distillate that says it’s the most potent on the market? Many patients do, but they’re often lied to, or they end up getting more in their meds than they bargained for (like pesticides and residuals).

The Weed Show team has gathered up some of the Cannabis Cups most esteemed weed winners and concentrate makers to find out exactly “What’s In Your Weed?!” On the flower end, we’re testing High Times Cannabis Cup winners Mega Wellness by Nameless Genetics, KushCO OG by KushCO, and Skywalker OG by Urbols; we’re looking to see just how much THC is in these buds and if there are any unwanted pesticides.

Plus, we’re taking some of the most expensive concentrates and putting them to the potency and residual test — XJ-13 by TheClear and CBD crystalline by Obsession Labs are both in the mix with today’s results. Check it out to see who has the cleanest, most potent meds! And subscribe to The Weed Show to watch all the results from “What’s In Your Weed?!”


13 Jun

“What’s In Your Weed?” Lab Results: Vape Cartridges & Topicals | The Weed Show

Thousands of patients turn to vaping and topicals as a means to medicate when smoking is simply not an option. So, it’s important for those products to contain EXACTLY how much medicine they advertise — especially when the prices are steep. That’s why we’re heading back into the lab today to test out topicals and vape cartridges that have actually taken home awards from the High Times Cannabis Cup. Is the medicine worth your money?

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12 Jun

Retesting Your Infused Drinks & CBD Living Products | The Weed Show

Do you know how much medicine is in your medical marijuana products? We’re finding out during this week’s third installment of What’s In Your Weed.

Back in April, the team did some secret shopping and took a handful of the most popular pot products to the lab to find out what exactly is in them. We were SHOCKED when we learned that CBD Living Water – a product many use medicinally – had no CBD in it.

Today, we’re heading back to the lab to retest some of your favorite infused drinks like Sprig, Vibe Water and CBD Living Water…. and, the rest of the CBD Living Line. We’re joined by dispensary owner Jay Moon as we read the results live, and discuss the impact of standardization (or lack thereof) in cannabis lab testing. Be sure to subscribe to The Weed Show to watch the rest of this week’s What’s In Your Weed series!


09 Jun

Medicated Make-Up Tips w/ Laganja Estranja + Gay Relationships | The Weed Show REPLAY

It’s Flashback Friday at The Weed Show, but we are moving forward and embracing progress as we celebrate Pride Week! To send us into the weekend celebration, we’re kicking off today’s Flashback with the one and only Laganja Estranja who dishes the tea on cannabis, choreography and being queer.

Plus, we take things back to Sex Week as we sit down with the guys of 2k10 Edibles to discuss the trials and triumphs both of being in a gay relationship and being gay owners of a cannabis business.

08 Jun

How to be a Dank Drag Queen w/ Cake Moss | The Weed Show

Coming out of both the queer closet and the green closet can be a challenging and defining moment. But for today’s guest, the struggle for Pride didn’t end there. Imagine coming out of the DRAG closet, too. Cake Moss is one of LA’s most fabulous drag queens, but she’s also a cannabis advocate and long-time lover of weed. As we round out our Pride Week celebration, Cake joins Charlo to give us tips on performing, medicating and how to be your most authentic self.


07 Jun

The History & Future of LGBT & Cannabis | The Weed Show

Imagine that your friends and family are dying around you because of an incurable illness. What would you do? For some of today’s guests, the answer was simple: fight for medicine. That’s exactly what the LGBT community did in the mid-90s after the AIDS epidemic took its course on too many young people.

Scott Imler is one of the esteemed authors that penned California’s Proposition 215, allowing access to medical marijuana, especially for those dying of AIDS. Leon Mostovoy, co-owner of Pride Cannabis, is a transgender man that remembers the time before Prop 215, and how the change in the cannabis world helped his own transition. Felicia Carbajal of California Cannabis Advocates was also there in the 90s, helping her friends campaign through telephones and on the street to support Prop 215. And Brett Hartmann, also known as My Cannabis Trainer, knows firsthand how difficult it is to come out as queer and as a cannabis user.

Each of these incredible guests joins us today to honor the history of the LGBT community and how they’ve contributed to the future of weed. Subscribe to The Weed Show to celebrate the rest of Pride Week with us!


06 Jun

How Prop 215 Is Saving LGBT Lives w/ Lady Mocha | The Weed Show

It’s been argued that cannabis is medicinally beneficial for just about anyone who uses it, but one of weed’s greatest medical accomplishments has been how it saved the LGBT community from a severe AIDS epidemic. Many weed-lovers don’t even know or realize that the only reason California has medical marijuana in the first place is because of the gay community that hit the telephones and streets to help get medical marijuana here.

The AIDS epidemic in the 80s and 90s took so many friends and family from their loved ones. But thanks to a group of loud, proud and dedicated individuals, in 1996 California’s Compassionate Use Act was passed, and medical marijuana became legal. But in today’s weed society, the shoulders we stand on are often forgotten and left out. That’s why this week is ALL about pot, pride, and shining the light on our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. It’s because of HIV/AIDS that medical marijuana was even considered a viable medical form of treatment here in California.

Today we’re joined by Sabel Samone-Loreca, aka Lady Mocha, who is HIV Commissioner here in Los Angeles County. She joins us today to talk about being a proud transgender woman and why Prop 215 is so vital to her community. Remember to subscribe to The Weed Show to celebrate the rest of Pride Week with us! 

05 Jun

A Discussion on Transgender Love w/ Coral Reefer & Mio | The Weed Show

It’s Pride Week in Los Angeles and in honor of that, The Weed Show is shining the spotlight on the LGBT community. You may not know that Prop 215 in California was passed because of the passionate activism that came from those suffering from the AIDS epidemic.

Now, love and cannabis are both powerful forces — and when they combine, they’re nearly unstoppable. That’s become apparent through the story of Coral and Mio. Coral Reefer is a loved member of the cannabis community and fellow 420-stream host. Her journey has been documented by an artist and her life partner, Mio. Recently, the pair shared with the world that Mio is a transgender man. They’re here today to help us kick off #PrideWeek in LA by sharing their incredible story and paying homage to the LGBT community.

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02 Jun

Women in Weed + Keeping Legal Weed in LA | The Weed Show REPLAY

There’s no better way to protect your cannabis rights than getting involved in your local legislation and becoming an advocate. The women on today’s panel know just how to do that. Keira Fae and Alexis d’Angelo of Women Grow, Olivia Alexander of The Crystal Cult and Cha Cha of the 420 Nurses sit down with Charlo to discuss being a leading lady in weed and what it takes to be an effective advocate.

Plus, #weed may be legal in California but that hasn’t stopped local authorities in Los Angeles from cracking down on the cannabis community. In the second part of our replay, Jonatan Cvetko of Angeles Emeralds talks about how the raids are affecting patients and business owners, and how the every day cannabis consumer can help.

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01 Jun

The Weed Show 100th Episode Celebration

Can you believe we’ve aired 100 episodes of The Weed Show?! A program that began as a hope for shining light on important cannabis content has become the internet’s go-to source for weed knowledge and incredible interviews. The show is spearheaded by host Charlo Greene, who became widely recognized both in news and weed after her infamous “F*ck it, I quit” moment on live television. As she awaits trial against the state of Alaska for the ownership of her cannabis club, Charlo has made it her mission to spread awareness of all the good happening in weed. She’s not only the executive producer and host of The Weed Show, but the owner of CBD Body and Beauty, making her a leading lady in all things cannabis.

Since the beginning of 2017, the team has worked hard each weekday to deliver the most important marijuana headlines and best cannabis content to our viewers. As we mark our centennial live airing, Charlo and producer Tori look back on some of the most memorable and stoney moments on The Weed Show so far… and indulge in some more one-gram dabs — for the people. Don’t forget to subscribe to be with us for the next 100 episodes!


30 May

Cannabis Clemency & The War on Drugs | The Weed Show

Imagine being just 28-years-old when the feds bust into your home and demand that you help investigate the one you love. And when you don’t, they lock you up in prison instead. That’s exactly what happened to Amy Povah. According to her website, CAN-DO Clemency, a lawyer explained to Amy that her cooperation against her partner would require that she wear a wire and help the feds infiltrate his organization. She refused and as a result, the feds lived out their promise to “destroy her life.” After two years of harassment, Amy was indicted for “conspiracy” and flown to Waco, Texas where she was denied bail and had to wait one year to go to trial with a public defender.

Amy was given a 24-year sentence for conspiracy, but her will to fight for freedom eventually got her clemency, though she considers her freedom to be a bittersweet victory. Amy stays in contact with many of the women she served time with and believes that there are many cases that need more help than she had.

Because Amy is always cognizant of how easily she could still be behind bars, she has vowed to help other incarcerated people who need a voice on the outside and a helping hand in their pursuit of justice. That’s why she’s joining us today to share how cannabis clemency can save lives and how you can help our pot prisoners. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Weed Show for the best daily cannabis content!

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