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The ‘Mary Kay for marijuana’ throws pot-selling parties for seniors

In California, seniors are getting together to sample weed-laced lip... Read More
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Cannabis Drug Reduces Seizures in Severe Epilepsy Cases

A compound taken from marijuana greatly helped some children with... Read More
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Cannabis isn’t the health problem – the tobacco people mix with it is

Europe may seem like an increasingly divided continent, but there... Read More
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Debate continues over use of cannabis to treat canine health issues

Steven Siegel’s 15-year-old Jack Russell terrier, Pumpkin, fell ill and... Read More
Young man with trauma of the head
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Cannabis could treat traumatic brain injury, Israeli researchers say

Our body’s cannabinoid receptor system may play a part in... Read More
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Canadian Teens Slightly Keener On Cannabis Than Tobacco: Report

Canadian teens are slightly more likely to consume cannabis than... Read More
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Health Dept. Orders Sales Stopped On New Cannabis Product

th (CBSMiami/AP) — A medical cannabis dispensary in the northern part... Read More
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No sanctuary for marijuana in California

When Californians approved Proposition 64 to legalize marijuana in California... Read More
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Cannabis May Help, Not Harm, Narcotics Addicts

It is time for politicians to put to rest the... Read More