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Are You Paying Too Much Tax on Your Weed?

Dear Pot Lawyer, I pay a lot of tax for... Read More
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From coffee to Wi-Fi, medical marijuana branches out

Heirloom Remedies doesn’t look like a pot shop. The dispensary,... Read More
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GLOBAL DRUG SURVEY 2017: Irish Cannabis among the most expensive in the world

We’re paying an average €19.50 per gram for Herbal compared... Read More
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Marijuana Startup Economy Booms As The Medical Cannabis Industry Struggles

Imagine you’re starting your own marijuana farm. First you get... Read More
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Ultra Health to open medical cannabis dispensary

ALAMOGORDO — Ultra Health, a medical cannabis dispensary, is planning... Read More
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661 Million Reasons to Like These 3 Marijuana Stocks

Why should investors like marijuana stocks? For some, the rationale... Read More
A closeup of a man smoking weed in a short glass pipe
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Recreational Cannabis: The New Reality

Beginning July 1, Nevadans will have the ability to legally... Read More
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Going Green: Marijuana Startup Financing Trends

My firm has written previously on the options cannabis companies... Read More
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Attempting to know the unknown in cannabis insurance

When entering an unknown area of business, it pays to... Read More
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3 Top Marijuana Stocks That Are Profitable (but There’s a Catch)

Despite marijuana stocks racking up huge gains over the past... Read More
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For local governments, cashing in on marijuana isn’t going to be easy

At the office of Monterey County’s Treasurer-Tax Collector, gun-toting guards... Read More
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The Best- and Worst-Performing Marijuana Stocks Last Week

Legal marijuana sales in North America are rising at an... Read More